Allowance or Acceptance: The Missing Key to True Freedom

Would you rather be in allowance and be free—
or be right and trapped for all eternity? It’s just a choice.

From Emily: Recently I discovered there were lots of places in my life where I thought I was in allowance, but actually I was just accepting things as they were…tolerating them as long as I could maintain a smile. After the smile would fade, frustration would take over.  

What would allowance be for you?
In that situation that seems to be frustrating, what allowance could you be to change it?

From Dain: Acceptance stops all creation. Allowance creates new possibilities.

What else could be possible from total allowance and interesting point of view?

What would YOU like to choose? And…what is possible for you to choose now that’s never been possible before?

Is now the time?




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