Cassy Summers

Cassy Srepel

Cassy Summers

Hello curious one, I'm grateful you are reading this and I wonder what you are seeking and how can I contribute to you?  


If I were to give you a sense of who I am and what my capacities are I would do so in song…. or perhaps even a rap. Only because it's FUN for me!


I am a rule breaker a reality shaker,

a collector of tools and information.

An endless seeker, a magic reveler

and a player of creation.


If you play with me, spend the day with me

I'll show you a universe of possibilities

I will inspire you, I will empower you

to acknowledge your infinite capacities


I have been told that I facilitate with contagious excitement, total caring and an intense presence of energy. In classes and sessions not only do I draw from a wealth of knowledge and dynamic experiences with clients, I also am able to utilize my unique capacities with perceiving possibilities and the items keeping you from them.


Holding Access Bars® classes and having private sessions are such a joy for me! Each unique session or class has its own rhythm and movement to something greater. Whatever that greatness is for you.


When working with me you have a variety of processes to choose from and play with. How does it get any better than choice and play?!  I offer Access Bars® sessions, Symphony of Possibility Sessions, as well as over 50 body process such as Access Facelift, Correcting Vision, and many many more!

If you would like to know more about me and what I do please wander through my personal website below and feel free to email me any questions you may have.

I have always been a seeker and I am gratful for anyone willing to ask a question with curiosity.

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