Rebekah Beneteau

Rebekah Beneteau

Rebekah Beneteau

I am an Asheville based Healer, Sex and Relationship Coach, non-denominational Minister and Sacred Intimate. All of my work is designed to bring out your most authentic Self, so that you can be a joyous contribution and receiver in all areas of your life. My particular specialty is sex and relationships. I have been "working" on myself since 1990, going from workshop to therapist to modality and back to workshops. I have grown way beyond the girl I was, with the pains and baggage of my childhood. I am a woman who loves her life, and loves her body!

In addtion to one on one work, I lead workshops, and have a weekly vodcast on Youtube.


I began my healing career after graduating from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1999. My first exposure to Access Bars® was late 2017, when I received a session from a fellow healer, and it ROCKED MY WORLD! I literally felt my brain defragging.

Access Consciousness® is by far the fastest most effective way I have found to outcreate our limiting beliefs and circumstances.

I'm a mom with two grown children who live in NYC, so I love opportunities to come there and visit with family and provide sessions. And also in Philadelphia, where I ran an intentional community for seven years.

What I love most about Access Consciousness is that we are all encouraged to be exactly who we are and free ourselves from judgment.

Who might you love, and how would you love them, if no one ever told you the "right way" to do it?

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In addition to using the Access Bars for allowing all of who you Be to arise, my main practice is helping people come alive in the bedroom and beyond. Meet me in this video!

“Enlightenment is when you realize that what was planned is a party.”

- Victor Baranco