Things That Go Bump in the Night

By Simone Padur

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This is a tale of a small boy, who with much courage, faces things that scare him the most - the "Things That Go Bump....IN THE NIGHT!"

Über den Autor
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This is a tale of a small boy, who with much courage, faces things that scare him the most - the "Things That Go Bump...IN THE NIGHT!"

With delightfully colored illustrations, the author and illustrator Simone Padur, gently shows the reader, both young and old how to talk to entities.

What if you didn't have to be scared anymore? What if something else was possible? For more information about Simone or her writing and illustrating you can go to:

Simone Padur has been teaching children art, drama and storytelling
in summer camps and international schools for fourteen years.
She has found that she was constantly using stories in her camp programs, her
classes and schools. However, when she went to write them down or draw her own
stories they would disappear. Then she started using the tools of Access
Consciousness which encouraged her to ask questions of her self
and everything around her. Knowing that asking a question would create
an awareness she asked: "What kind of book did I require as a child?"
Immediately she remembered how terrified she had been, even into
adulthood, of the dark. With the tools of Access Consciousness® she
no longer was afraid, and with these same tools of asking questions
she had the book outline.
How does it get better than that? What else is possible?

It is with great pleasure that she launches this book into the world for kids young and old.

Simone's most recent adventure is teaching at the Access Possibilities Online
School; where the journey of this little book has been invaluable in passing the
Access Consciousness® tools and questions so people can play with their own stories.

To find out more about Simone and her art and the Access Possibilities School go to:

Simone Anna Padur


Access Possibilities School