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Aloha & Thanks for visiting!     Para informações em português, acesse aqui

The best way to reach me is phone/text: 808-268-8708.  

The tools of Access Consciousness have changed my life in unexpected & delightful ways.

They helped me say "bye" to the constant critical chatter in my head, my body and money flows have both improved & I'm happy more of the time!

Having coached 100's of people & trained over 200 Bars Practitioners, I've witnessed the beautiful clarity & transformation that can occur from just one session or class! I had been trained 17 different modalities (even teaching many of them) before I found Access.

Please contact me to experience a Bars, Body or Access Facelift Energetic Session, coaching or Symphony of Possibilities session on Maui, or anywhere in the world.

I enjoy facilitating in many countries - from US to UK and beyond.

If you'd like to take an Access Bars Class in Hawaii, and don't see one listed, please contact me and we can set one up.

If you'd like to host me in another location we can talk about that too!
Call/text me at 808-268-8708

I'm on Sexy Mom Abundant Life Radio Show each week. Listen in by searching iTunes or click: OmTimes Radio Network.   And view fun tools on Youtube Here


My background & certifications in the following over the past 19 years bring a depth of knowledge & experience to our work together:
- Access Consciousness Body, Bars & Facelift Facilitation

-Symphony of Possibilities Sessions
- Coaching
- Viniyoga/ Yoga Therapy
- Reiki
- Pranic Healing
- Breath Therapy
- Ayurvedic Healing
- Angel Healing
- Causal Plane Healing
- Meditation & Guided Visualization
- Ancient Hawaiian Healing through Mastery levels in I'O & Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing


Find out more at http://www.meetkathywilliams.com

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“All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy, and Glory!”



My Classes

A Taste of Access

What the bleep is Access Consciousness? Well, that is what these short classes are all about. It can be a taste of any area of Access Consciousness... Your facilitator or practitioner will go through some of the basic tools, techniques and processes allowing you to have a greater awareness of what is possible for you!