Beyond Aging - An Introductory Class

Beyond Aging - An Introductory Class

Would you like to create a totally different possibility with your body in regards to aging? What would it be like to melt away the judgment you have of the way you look?

This class on ‘Beyond Aging’ is the beginning of seeing and being with your body in a whole new way.

Learn how you can change your perspective and remove the limitations you have put in place that stop your body from regenerating itself indefinitely.

These introductory classes are facilitated by Access Consciousness Facelift Facilitators worldwide and include a mini-manual. This class has no prerequisites and every event is uniquely created by the people who choose to come.




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Beyond Aging? - your point of view creates your reality - what if that applies to aging?

Science now tells us we can change our dna... What?!

An online evening with tools and questions that can change your point of view about aging and olding, if you choose...  Do you dare?

7pm on Tuesday, July 14 online via zoom  

$40 (payable via etransfer or paypal to

Zoom link sent on receipt of payment.

What else is possible now?