Access Book Discussion

Do you love reading books and having discussions about all sorts of possibilities and ideas? Are you just learning about Access Consciousness® or looking to dive deeper and find out more? 

The books published by Access Consciousness cover many topics from money to relationships to business and more!

Welcome to this in-person book club, hosted by an Access Facilitator. Join the conversation, have fun, and get ready for some change!

*See the Class Notes section for more information about this event and the book being read

USA book launch of “YOU ARE THE POWER, choose to create the life you desire” – Come experience the magic that is Vladica!

How do you “dial in” to life itself when the unthinkable happens?

This event promises to be a lively, warm-spirited evening of sharing experiences with like-minded individuals committed to making each day count and living life to the fullest.

Vladica Djordjevic shares details of her own healing and recovery from unimaginable loss. Her journey from despair to light will resonate with anyone looking to find their way out of their own darkness.

In her book YOU ARE THE POWER, CHOOSE TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE and daily work as a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness® – and just by being – Vladica demonstrates how the choices we make influence the amount of joy there is in our lives. When she enters a room, there is light, and people often wonder, how does she do it?

With practical tools, meditations and coaching she will show you how to reconnect based on your own circumstances. The book uses joy, humor, remembrance, and reflection to help you find the places within your own self where you have locked away your potential and removed yourself from you.