Access Consciousness® Meet Up

Have you been wanting to meet people that do Access in your area? Perhaps you have some great ideas or just want to know who else is around for Access Bars swaps!

meet up

You are invited to a casual and social meet-up to connect with other people in your area and learn more about Access Consciousness®.

Join an Access Facilitator near you for an Access Consciousness® Meet Up where you will be able to meet up, explore possibilities and enjoy the contribution that people in your area can be to one another.

What else is possible that you haven’t considered?

Register to join this event, or contact the host to find out more!


Cocktails & Consciousness

Come join certified facilitator Christine DiDomenico and Bars facilitator Dr. Jackee Shu in conversation about consciousness. We like to have fun and lightness in our conversations and Jackee especially likes talking about sex and relationships. 

What would you like to change? Everything in life can be changed with greater consciousness. The tools to create consciousness are not difficult but we haven't been given the ones that truly work. Access Consciousness® tools are simple, pragmatic and fun to use.

Join us and bring your questions!!  You are invited if you have used the Access tools and if you are brand new to the tools.

We are going to have some fun!!!