Global Bars Day Event with Gary and Dain

Can you imagine what it would be like if tens of thousands of people around the world were running Access Bars on the same day? We can, and we're aiming for a global wave of consciousness, ease, joy and glory! 



You’re invited to join us LIVE in Houston or ONLINE to celebrate the 6th Annual Global Access Bars Day on January 6th-7th (depending on where you live in the world), 2019!


January 6th 5:00PM CT (Your time in the World)

Live & Online Kick Off Celebration with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer - the Co-Creators of Access Consciousness & Access Bars

January 6th: 5:30-9PM CT

Live & Online Streamed Coverage of Global Bars Day - Interviews, Live Footage, Entertainment of All Sorts!

January 7th: 8AM-5PM CT (Your time in the World)

More live and online creation and entertainment! Live and specially recorded videos with Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, Simone Milasas, Brendon Watt and much more!

*NOTE: From January 6th 9PM CT - January 7th 8AM CT there will be online streamed pre-recorded footage to watch and enjoy from home! 

COST? Free

Global Bars Day follows the first ever Bars Facilitator Training with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, LIVE in Houston and ONLINE worldwide. For more information, please click HERE.  

What are Access Bars®?

*Our videos are subtitled in several languages. Choose settings in the lower right corner of the video to turn the subtitles on and to select a language.

The Access Bars process is designed to create more consciousness for you, your body and the planet. They are made up of 32 points on the head which are lightly touched to create ease in different areas of your life.

This dynamic and gentle hands-on body process even assists with things such as insomnia, body aches, depression, stress, addictions, labels and disabilities, and much more. 


The widespread goal of Access Consciousness is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. During this 6th annual Global Access Bars Day, our hope and target is to bring a sense of peace across the earth and with the people we love, in particular” 

– GARY DOUGLAS, developer of the Access Bars and founder of Access Consciousness

To join a group of people near you (called a POP), check out events hosted by Access Consciousness Access Bars & Certified Facilitators.

Welcome to Houston, Texas, USA!

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