Superpower of Choice

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Choice is the most misunderstood capacity that we have.

When used correctly, it functions as a superpower. It has the capacity to create a different reality for us and others, the capacity to create a different life for us and others, and the capacity to create a phenomenal future for our world.

Most people have no clue what it is or how to get it. The target of this telecall is to give you the awareness of what choice is for you and how it's different from what you may have thought, so that you will always have it with you as a way of creating the reality and world you would like to choose.

Fundamentally, choice is the action of perceiving the energies of possibilities and instituting them as your reality. It's not at all what you thought it was, and it doesn't feel at all like you thought it would or should. It's far easier, effective, and more fun than you would even begin to imagine. Wanna play?

CHOOSING THIS TELECALL IS A GREAT PLACE TO START. It will be delivered from an awareness that we all have choice along with the awareness that most of us are not fully aware of what choice is and how we can make this superpower one of our best friends and easiest to access capacities. Let's get out of wrongness and into choice together.



The Foundation or Being You, Changing the World


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