Nurture Your Life Joyfully

What If We Knew How to Nurture Ourselves? 

What if we didn't follow any nutrition guru's?  What if eating disorders are the artificial intelligence controlling your knowing?  What if you could stop imposing form, structure and significance on your body and nutrition?  

Are you wondering why there is so much literature about nutrition and why nothing really works for you? Would you like to find an easier way to get rid of your 'ballast' and start a new life? Or do you already work with consciousness tools, but your weight is just getting out of control?

Wild animals know about their appropriate nutrition. What if you could have access to this true inner knowing again?

When you know how to communicate with your body and learn what it functions from, you will become able to make new choices for delicious and healthy meals and also for way more joy in your life.

  • Delete the old patterns that have kept you from your healthy, yummy and happy life.
  • Become aware with all your senses, which food your body cells desire.
  • Detox with ease your body and being.
  • Communicate in truth with your body and thus become your own nutritionist.
  • Learn 2 energetic body processes to boost your energy and to detox
  • Play with the tools and change the molecules while having the joy of some delicious, yummy, orgasmic food together

 Your body will thank you by getting healthier and more and more beautiful, without yo-yo dieting.

How much more ease and joy could you have?

Content of class:

  • Intro evening (2 hours) + 1 full day seminar
  • Manuals, snacks and drinks
  • The meals are not included in the seminar price


None -  Access Bars Recommended


Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering. 


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