Receiving From Men - A Telecall


Do You Allow Yourself to Receive from Men with Ease? 

Their words, their energy, how they look at you, their projections toward you and your body?
Do you allow yourself to receive their touch and their money?

How often are we in resistance and in rejection of it? Way to much, right?!
We raise our barriers as if it is something bad or if it would hurt us if we would receive from them.

Are you ready for something different?

Are you willing to receive EVERYTHING from men, especially the gift they are for the world and the gift they can be for you and your life?

I would like to invite you to this telecall to have a look at all the points of view you have which are holding you back from receiving everything from men.

What would your life be like if you would allow yourself to start today to receive it ALL?




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Is the desire for what gives you pleasure

And how much was that made wrong in you since you are a little child?
The Judgments around and about lust are just insane.
Would you like to tap again into this energy of lust and let it run through your whole life and body and relationships?

Do you allow yourself to Lust ?
Do you allow yourself to lust for men?
Do you allow yourself to lust for bodies ?
Do you allow yourself to lust for an orgasmic live and living ?
and very important...
Do you allow yourself to be lusted after?

This is my invitation for you to come with me into a different possibility
and explore LUST
with 'Receiving from Men'.



Receiving from Men


3 Part Telecall

Start 13. June

and 17./18. June

7pm CET

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