The No Judgment Diet - A Course in Possibilities


The No Judgment Diet - A Course in Possibilities is a 90 Day Course designed to awaken the possibilities with your body, business, money, relationships, and living.

Have you always known you can change absolutely anything with your body, business, money, relationships and living?  What if releasing judgments and connecting with your awareness gave you the freedom to create any change you ever desired?

The tools of Access Consciousness combined with The No Judgment Diet is a revolutionary way to not only change your body, but to connect with it in a way that expands your awareness beyond what you ever thought possible.  When you connect with your body and eliminate the judgments that keep you separate from you, you can change absolutely anything.

The Course in Possibilities will change the way you see yourself and surprisingly can eliminate all the unconscious judgments your body has been holding onto from every lifetime….and not just judgments about your body, size, weight, shape, or food, but judgments about sex, money, creation, parenting….and so much MORE!!

When you start to function and be the joy you were truly meant to be, you and your body become a source for changing planet earth.

Is now the time?

Is it time to wake up to your lust for living and truly access every gift talent and ability you have? When judgments fester under the surface of your body, life, money flows, and reality, you can’t access the awareness that would allow you to choose something different.

This Course is designed to not only awaken you to all the places where judgments keep you stuck in your body and life, but to give you the expansion of possibilities available when you realize judgments are not real.

Imagine a planet where there was no judgment….only choice and possibility?  What would that create for your future if you were willing to choose it?  Is now the time?

Created and Facilitated by Katherine McIntosh, Founder of The No Judgment Diet. Katherine is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator CFMW, International Speaker and Best Selling Author. She created The No Judgment Diet based on the notion that if you can get out of judgment in any and every area of your life and living, you can create a whole new world... one that you know is possible….and when you have that level of communion with your body, no one and nothing can stop you.

If you knew every judgment was a choice, what would you create?

Change is just one choice away!

What do you get?

  • A 90 Day Online Course with a lifetime Membership site
  • 30 x Video Lessons: each with a tool, question, clearing and clearing loop.  Lessons are provided in video and audio format
  • Clearing Loops to go with each lesson
  • 6 Live Facilitated Calls with Katherine McIntosh over 12 weeks
  • 6 Clearing Loops (created from each call)
  • Downloadable home play sheets from each call. You can print these out and put them up in your home to remind of the daily homeplay

Go HERE to Access the Course Instantaneously.


90 days




One payment of $997 or 4 Payments of $297 monthly.

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