Beginning to Have Money - An Intro




Get up, go to work, pay the bills, repeat. Does that sound familiar? What if the purpose of money was not just to pay your current bills?


The tools of Right Riches For You shines light on the points of view you may or may not even know you have that become barriers to adding (creating or making?) more money in your life. These points of view may have been picked up from childhood or learned yesterday.

“Our points of view creates our realities.” – Dr. Dain Heer.

What if changing one point of view can change your finances?

The Beginning To Have Money Classes provide the tools to start the exploration of the points of views and different ways you can let them go and choose something else for you.

What if you don’t have to have a money problem? What if you just have to want something different?


1 to 4 hours




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