Talk to The Animals - Start the Conversation

Are you an animal lover looking for a more enjoyable connection with your pets or an animal professional seeking practical tools to communicate with animals?

Then, this class is for you!

Utilizing the leading-edge processes of Access Consciousness™, you will be empowered to acknowledge and hone your talents with animals and change the dynamics of your animal interactions.

During class you also get to practice your skills with live animals!

This animal class will cover:
•How to communicate with animals effectively
•The myths of animal communication
•A whole new awareness of animals as conscious beings
•How to be congruent when you speak to animals
•Energetic body processes for animals that really work
•How to create animal/people relationships free of barriers and limitations.
What if the easy, effortless relationship you desire to have with animals is truly possible?




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How many times have you wished your animals and pets could speak to you and tell you what's going on for them? 

What peace would it give you to have clarity with clear communication and a greater bond with them ?

The tools and processes of Talk to the Animals are a powerful addition that can immediatley enhance your relationship with the all of the animal kingdom and especially your fur and feathered friends. 

In this course we have plenty of space to learn the tools and use them to"read" participants animals .You get to ask questions of your pets and gain incredible clarity as to their inner world.  

What else is truly possible for you to enjoy a rewarding and closer connection built on trust?

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