Access X-Men: A Deeper Dive into Difference

Welcome to Access X-Men: A Deeper Dive into Difference!


This telecall takes you into a deeper dive of the difference available with disabilities and labels on a topic of the facilitators choosing!


Energy Shopping and X-Men - Who DOES that belong to?

Who DOES that belong to?

Have you ever asked for something and then when it showed up you were somewhat uninterested, not excited, or realized it wasn’t something you truly desired anyway?

One of the gifts we have as ‘x-men’ is to be so aware of other people’s realities that we often think they are ours!

So when we start to energy shop, and get clear on what we’d like to put on our list of wonderful people, places, things, and energies to add to our life, we are sometimes left wondering - ‘was that even MINE?’ Do I actually even desire that thing I asked for?
? Welcome to this 3-part call and exploration of:

What do you truly desire that you have not yet discovered?

What’s your reality and where can you find it?

What if you could use your capacities for you and the creation of your life instead of against you?

Now what else is possible?! :-)

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