Taste of Being with Dr. Dain Heer

What if the journey to being you, is the greatest adventure you will ever go on? If you had the steps to being… would you take the journey?

The Taste of Being class is about starting to empower you to know that you know, in just a few magical hours. 

In this evening event, you will get access to real, pragmatic and dynamic tools to change your life and the beginning of the energetic awareness required to create the world you truly would like to live in.

In addition to the tools of Access Consciousness®, Dain uses elements of his unique energetic transformation process, the ESB, in these classes. By working on one person in the room, he is inviting everyone to the change that is truly possible.

What if the change you’ve been longing for is available now, if you’re willing to receive it?  What if you are far greater than you’ve ever given yourself credit for?

Join Dr. Dain Heer for a unique taste of truly being you. 

What if your 'wrongness' is actually your strongness?

This is an audio clip from a recent Taste of Being class with Dr. Dain Heer.





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Special Theme: A Taste of Being You in Tumultuous Times


Floods, fires, riots and hurricanes... What is next in this world of ours? (Frogs?!?!) Whatever comes, this is what I know – you, truly being you, can change ANYTHING!

You were born to thrive, not just survive. The times may be tumultuous, but they are YOUR TIMES. Are you ready?

Explore some of the key tools that help in the trenches, however deep they may be. Let’s get our shit together – and do this, together.

What if you, truly being you, is exactly what is required right now?

This class is also available as Audio Live.