Being You, Creating Ease with Money

What if everything you have been taught or have learned about money, wealth and abundance is out-of-date or incorrect? 


In times of great financial change, what if you were willing to look at the infinite possibilities instead of the problems?

What if it’s actually about how much you’re willing to receive? Would receiving more allow you to contribute more to you, to everyone around you — and the world? What would that be like? 

During this evening class Dr. Dain Heer will introduce you to a very different way of functioning and being in the area of money. You’ll go home with a series of tools and processes that, if you use them, can assist you in finally creating the life you truly desire.

What if the Universe desires to support you in totality, and all you have to do is... ask
Is now the time?


1 Evening




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Welcome to Budapest, Hungary!

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