Maestro Class

Are you the explosion of possibilities walking?

Are you ready to turn your unique resonance up – and beyond?

Would you like an even bigger space to play in, with previously un-seen, un-spoken and unheard energies?

If you get a yes, consider this your invitation to the Maestro Class with Dr. Dain Heer.

This class is about becoming the Maestro you were meant to be.

1st time Prerequisites

  • Two (2) Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) trainings (one live in person)
  • You must have either an ESB or SOP within the 6 months of the start date of Maestro (SOP can be one of the two above)
  • One (1) 7-day or 6-day Event (Live)
  • One (1) Advanced Body Class (Live) Due to the current pandemic, the ABC pre-req for first time Maestros is temporarily changed to two 3-Day Access Body classes. 

You must have completed the prerequisites above at any time.

Repeat Prerequisites

If you are repeating the Maestro Class, you require an SOP Training since the last Maestro in Sept of 2019.

Please be aware that Maestro is a manual pre req check. When you register please give Access 24-48 hours to allow you to pay for the class. Until we facilitate this it will show that you are “missing pre reqs”.

Prerequisites: What applies now?

Due to the chaos of 2020, for first time Maestros only, we have extended the window of time for your prerequisites to apply based on the original class dates (31st July 2020).

First timers: This means your ESB or SOP class needs to be after January 31st 2020. 
The ABC pre-req for first time Maestros is temporarily changed to two 3-Day Access Body classes.

Repeat Maestros: Your SOP needs to be in the time period between last Maestro and this one.


Country pricing and Age pricing applies. There is NO repeat price for this class!
All prices include MP3 recordings of the Maestro Class.
Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering.

What About Children and Prerequisites?

Dain would like to review what prerequisites your child has as this is one of the most advanced classes in Access.
Please email with a rough class history and their age if your child would like to attend.

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