Invocation of Anger Embodied

Invocation of Anger Embodied

This process is not being explained so that you may experience the energies in class.

Living Beyond Stress. Are you willing to be part of the universe that can be trusted?

In this 3 hour Body Process Class, you'll learn an Access Consciousness Body Process to assist the body in letting go of anything that isn’t serving anymore. Pain with our bodies is how most of us connect with our bodies, what if you could change that?

This is an invitation to care and nurture your body and your being. In order to change the story of pain and discomfort, you have to change what creates that story. What have you decided is unchangeable with your body?

These classes are designed to guide you out of judgment, release tension and stress out of your body, bring a sense of peace and changes on a cellular level.

Rachael x