Body Process Class

Initialization, Activation & Exponentialization of the 90% Brain Capacity and Function

This process can help you access that 90% of your Brain that you are not using.

***Should only be run after the BMM process

Single body process classes are classes in which you learn only one individual Access Body Process that you will gift and receive. What contribution can this energy be to your body? 

Changing Relationships with Family Habits

Please note we had a computer error and the Class Price is $100.  

Welcome to changing your reality with inherited, mimicked and duplicating of family habits, body issues, thinking and money flows.  This class offers verbal processing and one Access Consciousness Body Process.  Feel free to join us on Sunday Aug 13 when we will expand possibilities with more change for bodies and living with another class offering  two additional body processess.

New to Access?????...Please use the link below to get a feel for clearing statment used in Access classes.  It's fun, funny and a little weird!  Enjoy!