Body Process Class

Restoration of Communion with Earth

This is quite a dynamic and easy body process to run.  It begins to restore the communication between earth, our bodies and us that is possible. 

We seem willing to contribute to the earth but what if we allowed the earth to contribute to us? 

The Bioenergetic Actualization of all the Elements for the Reversal of Aging and Olding and the Creation of Continuous Growth into Indefinite Living

What Else is actually possible with you your body and this earth ?

What JOY and LAUGHTER can we  BE and Recieve ?


9.30am - 1.00pm:The Bioenergetic actualization of all elements for the reversal of aging and olding and the creation of continous growth  into indefinite living .

1.30pm - 5.00pm Restoration of Communion with Earth .


Pre-requisites:  None, just your curiosity

Class Info: Snacks and drinks provided throughout the day (BYO and enjoy the countryside )