Eradication and Elimination of Specific Gravities

Eradication and Elimination of Specific Gravities

This Access Body Process can eliminate what we have done to our bodies to make ourselves heavy and serious so we can fit into this reality.  Life doesn't have to be serious.

Body Process Class with Wendy Mulder [MORNING session]

Imagine if you could truly Relax? Imagine if you could Release all that was creating lack of ease in your body and Receive a totally different way of being with your body?

Welcome to a truly different world!  The Access Body Processes are such a gift, and how grateful is your body to you for choosing them?

This is the registration page for the Body Process Wendy will be facilitating on March 29th, in the MORNING from 9.30AM – 1PM.

NOTE: Global Pricing Applies to this class. The local pricing for this class is $150AUD.

Wendy will also be facilitating a 2nd Body Process in the AFTERNOON of the 29th, from 2PM – 5.30PM

If you would like to enjoy a FULL DAY learning Body Processes (yummy!), you can register for the Afternoon Body Process, too, here: