Access Energetic Facelift

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body.

Learn the Access Energetic Facelift™ with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process on a weekly basis.

A brilliant addition for any beauty therapists business, and/or massage therapists wishing to extend to their clientele.


Global, Repeat and Age pricing applies.
Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering.

Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift™ with the amazing Carolyn Sinclair, CF, AFF in bustling Langford!

 Is it possible to feel and look younger WITHOUT injections, needles, surgery?  Oh yes!!

 The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift™ is an amazing, delicious process that can reverse the appearance of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body!

 Did I mention delicious, profound, swooningly luscious for your whole body!  This class used to be only a half day and was recently expanded to a whole day class - and the price remained the same!  How does it get any better than that??

 You will learn to use energies to lift and rejuvenate your face and whole body.  You will gift and receive the Energetic Facelift twice and receive a manual, chart,  mp3 recording and Certificate licencing you to perform this amazing process on others (and charge for it!).

 Water and snacks will be provided.  Bring a lunch or you can grab something at one of the many restaurants or cafes close by.

Wear comfy clothes. 

Payment may be cash on the day or by etransfer or paypal in advance. (