Holiday Hotline To Being You

What do The Holidays, or any holiday, bring up in you? If it is total bliss, joy and ease, then stop reading now! However… if there is a kind of wonkiness in your world, consider reading on.

For many of us, the holidays — Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Basanth, New Years — is a time when we tend to lose the one thing we truly require to enjoy them…ourselves.

It’s like the holidays are a test of how far we’ve come on this adventure to truly being us — and it is a tricky one!

What if you could cheat? What if you had a HOLIDAY HOTLINE TO BEING YOU?

Then join us this year — the Being You Facilitators are at your service! Our hotline has three parts:

Part 1 - Live Zooms on Dec 21, 22 and 23
On these three days, you can join live zooms facilitated by Being You Facilitators. We will have two zooms each day so we can reach you wherever you live in the world with at least one of them. And if you can’t make it, the recording will be sent out the same day!

- Call 1, 21st Dec - 9am Paris Time 
- Call 2, 21st Dec - 7pm Paris Time   

- Call 3, 22nd Dec - 9am Paris Time

- Call 4, 22nd Dec- 7pm Paris Time

Call 5: 23rd Dec - 9am Paris Time 

- Call 6: 23rd Dec - 7pm Paris Time 

Part 2 - A Holiday Survival Kit
In this Holiday Survival Kit, over 20 Being You Facilitators are sharing their favorite tool that they use to survive the holidays. You can try one each day of your holidays this year!

Part 3 - A Holiday Lottery
What is next? After the holidays? If you sign up before Dec 20th, you will win one of 50, 30 minute personal sessions with a BYCF in the beginning of 2020.

What if holidays was a time of ease, joy and glory? What if you, truly being you, was the most amazing gift you could give to your family — and the world?




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