Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider

Welcome to the Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider!

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is THE clinic for horse lovers and everyone who would like more connection with horses. International horse medium and author Gary Douglas has trained facilitators to give this fascinating equine workshop.

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider combines stunning and unique outlooks on communicating with horses, to improve the performance of both horse and rider. Included are instructions in applying hands-on techniques. Is your horse having difficulty and not responding to conventional treatment or techniques? This can really give you a different outlook on what else is possible!

Both horse and rider are being worked on which has facilitated remarkable change in many areas. Develop a deeper connection with the animals, the ability to talk to, and hear them, and to facilitate a different possibility.

Did you know that horses are some of the greatest facilitators on the planet?

The beauty of being with a horse is that they are without judgement! They know where you are at and they will not let you get away with being checked out.

There is a connection that we can create with horses, that has nothing to do with owning, or riding a horse, but can contribute to you being with and handling horses with more ease. Horses ask us to be totally present and with that encourage us to have better relationships with everything around us.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is an invitation to change what isn't working for you, the horses and it will provide you with a great set of tools to create what you have always known is possible.

This course is for you if:

You love horses
You are scared of horses
You have no experience with horses
You have lots of experience with horses

... It's for anyone looking for a totally new possibility beyond this reality with horses, animals, and themselves!


ATTENTION: Please do not pay via the access website!

You can pay Cash, CC at the door or Via