Parents Anonymous: You Have Kids, Now What?

New Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids Program With Brendon Watt

Have you had those wonderful moments as a parent ... now what? 
Or (WTF?) 
Perhaps you just had a baby, now what?
Perhaps you just became a step parent, now what?
Perhaps your sweet child just turned "teenager", now what?

Whatever is up in your world, this new program with Brendon Watt is designed to be a place and a space where you can bring it all up, ask for change, choose something different and have a little (or a lot) more ease with it all.

You don't have to do it alone. It doesn't have to be hard.  You don't have to feel wrong. There IS a different possibility available for you and the kids in your life.  And, it can even be FUN!

Brendon Watt is a totally different dad. He's used the Access Consciousness tools to create a totally different reality for himself, his son and his relationship. He's also been facilitating other parents to have greater possibilities for 7 years. 

The program will include:
- A monthly video call with Brendon Watt (4 calls total) 
- A Facebook Group for interacting with other people in the program 
- Random gifts, videos and more from Brendon throughout the series. 
- Replays, written clearings, audio loops and more.


$400 AUD



Sep 14th 10am PT  ... Find your local call time here

Oct 19th 2pm PT ... Find your local time here

Nov 12th 2pm PT  ... Find your local call time here