Put the Fun Back in Business

Welcome to Put the Fun Back in Business

Most people don’t see any joy in business, let alone have fun.

They see business as hard, stressful, stuck, a struggle… and a whole lot of things that business can be, but doesn’t have to be!

What if business was fun, and money followed joy and not the opposite?

Putting the Fun Back in Business is where you can begin to look at what your point of view truly is without influence of projections and obligations.

Not just for corporates or business owners.

If anything could be possible in business, what would you choose? What would you need to change to make that choice a reality in your business? Would you be willing to know it can be this simple? Make a choice… change whatever is required… create the Joy of Business™!









  1. You were told to find the right job/career?
    (Knowing you wanted to try everything)
  2. You were judged for everything you chose?
    (You were always seeing an adventure!)
  3. You tried to fit in?
    (Knowing you did not!)
  4. You were meant to know what you wanted to do when you grew up!
    (You are still on a constant discovery of what you can BE)
  5. You thought you needed a formal education to be in business
    (You now realise you may know more than you previously thought!)

All of the above & more has occurred, and yet you somehow always knew there was a DIFFERENT POSSIBILITY.
(There is! And you are not wrong!)

Join me for a 3 hour adventure to Put The Fun Back In YOUR Business.


If you attend a Joy of Business class, it will be like no other business class you have ever attended.  It will not be serious, it will not be about taking notes, it will not be something you pass or fail, you will not be judged.  You will however have the possibility of a greater future, the ability to laugh at the choices you have made and jump off the edge of a cliff that you have not been teetering on - waiting.  The wait is over.  It's time to create.

Your life will not be the same, neither will your business or your money flows.

Who is Joy of Business for?
Anyone! Whether you have a job, a business, or you’re looking to create more in your life.