Access Business 102 - The Adventure of Business & Living

Access Business 102 - The Adventure of Business & Living

Welcome to two days of the adventure of business and living!

What is that? Well, what if you never gave in and never gave up and you were always creating? The way you think about your business (and your life) will either create it or diminish it.

This class will give you dynamic Access Consciousness tools to use in business and living that empower you to keep creating, to keep asking for the possibilities to show up that you have not yet asked for. Each choice you make creates an awareness. Have you made business only about money? What if there was a different possibility? If you make it all about money then you will limit the possibilities and creativity that can show up.

What if your financial reality was something you could increase with ease? How many revenue streams would you like to add to your life? How much money would you really like to be creating?

This class is for business owners, CEO’s, employees, employers, men, women, anyone desiring to create more in their life and business.

“Business is creation and creation is business.” Simone Milasas, Founder/Creator of Joy of Business

Bienvenue pour deux jours d’aventure du business et de la vie !

De quoi s’agit-il ? Eh bien, si tu ne cédais jamais, n’abandonnais jamais et que tu étais toujours en train de créer?  La façon dont tu penses à ton business (et à ta vie) va soit le créer soit le diminuer.

Cette classe va te donner des outils dynamiques d’Access Consciousness® que tu peux utiliser dans ton business et dans ta vie et qui te renforcent à continuer à créer et à continuer à demander aux possibilités que tu n’as pas encore réclamées, de se présenter.

Chaque choix que tu fais crée une prise de conscience.