Joy of Business Taster

Joy of Business Taster

What if business had a joy to it? In this taster featuring the tools and concepts of Joy of Business® and Access Consciousness® you are invited to look at business (and money) from a totally different place.

What if you were willing to have something different to what you ever had before in business – and it could be fun? In this taster your Joy of Business Certified Facilitator will invite you to this possibility and more.

Your life will not be the same, neither will your business or your money flows

Would you like to have confidence and ease to create the life and work/business you desire, to function differently, and change anything? 

Join me on this adventure to discover what possibilities are available to you in your life and work/business just by asking questions!

What questions do I ask?
Great question … and what do you know?

If you attend a Joy of Business Taster class, it will be like no other business class you have ever attended. You will have the possibility of a greater future.

Are you ready to create MORE in your business?
Is NOW the time?

I highly recommend Simone Milasas' book Joy of Business to expand your business reality.  You can purchase the book on the night or from the online Access shop