Right Body for You Spotlight on Bodies and Money

One of the most judged things on the planet is our bodies. The Right Body for You Spotlight classes “shine a light” on common areas of body judgment and offer simple-to-use tools that can change how you function with and create your body.


What do bodies and money have to do with each other? A LOT! How much of your finances goes to the care, feeding and nurturing of your body? What if your financial realty could change by including your body in the creation of money? Would your body like to contribute to the creation of your wealth? What if the financial partner you’ve been looking for is your body?

Are you ready to create a new reality where you have all the money you desire?

This class clears the energy that money is beyond your grasp. It also includes simple tools to use that create immediate change in the area of Money. Class booklet provided.

What does your Body know about Money?

Similarly to how we didn't get an instruction booklet on how our body works, most of us are looking for answers to a number of questions regarding money!
Generally, we look outside of ourselves for answers ... but what if you discovered that your body is fantastic with money?
How much fun would that be??