Right Riches Fundamentals of Wealth (RRFOW)

Welcome to Right Riches Fundamentals of Wealth (RRFOW)!

The 2-day Fundamentals of Wealth class invites you to explore your present relationship with money - any thoughts, feelings, emotions, limitations and roadblocks you may currently have and offers pragmatic tools, techniques and resources to open up your receiving and to creating more money, wealth, and riches.

In addition to the facilitation of your personal financial issues in class, you will have a manual filled with questions, tools, and home play to inspire you to continue creating your financial progress.


2 days


Right Riches Foundational Intro


Full price: $1850

Repeat price: $1295

Further Information:

For more information about this two day class, the pre-requisite class and the venue in London please visit: www.curryglassell.com/fow-london

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact your hosts or email my team here: info@curryglassell.com

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you in fabulous London in September.


Curry G.