Right Voice For You

Welcome to Right Voice For You!

Would you like to play bigger? To get your ideas into the world? To be more present and vulnerable with others?

Right Voice For You is a series of Certified Access Specialty Classes that invite you to step into your unique voice in your life, business, relationships, creativity, communications and more.

Created by Gary Douglas, this series of classes are now co-created along with Chris Hughes and the Right Voice For You facilitators around the world.

Right Voice For You offers "Core Classes" consisting of of The Breakthrough (1 evening), The Master Class (3 days) and Facilitators (3 days).  

Right Voice For You also offers 1 day specialty classes on topics ranging from being in front of the camera to public speaking to singing to sales and more.

If there is any area of your life that you would like to be showing up more dynamically, check out Right Voice For You.

It's not about the stage, it's about your life.  Is it time to be starring in yours?

Right Voice For You Specialty Workshop

The Right Voice For You Specialty Workshops are 1-day classes led by Certified Right Voice For You 1-Day Facilitators. These workshops may have a theme set in advance such as public speaking, singing, sales, writing, being in front of the camera, or they may be a smorgasbord of whatever participants desire to have more freedom with expressing themselves.

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Are you interested in facilitating others to find their voice in the world? To truly create? To have an ease and joy of expressing themselves?  Join the one and only Gary Douglas (Founder of Access Consciousness and Right Voice For You Creator) and Christopher Hughes (Gary’s personal choice to be the lead Right Voice) for a very special 3-Day Right Voice For You Facilitator Training.

Right Voice For You: Unlock Your Creative Genius

Have you ever heard yourself wishing that you were creative?  That you could create the things that other people seem to be able to do with a ton of ease? 

If you’ve ever wished you were creative, wondered how people come up with all those ideas, dreamed about being a writer/songwriter/performer/entrepreneur/painter/sculptor etc., longed after every thing you’d ever lit up your soul on YouTube, this may be the class for you!


Right Voice For You: Breakthrough Intro

The Breakthrough Intro is Right Voice For You evening workshop is designed to introduce you to the basic tools of Right Voice For You and show you how fast and dynamic these tools can be for creating lasting change.  Don't be fooled by it's short length. The Breakthrough is one powerful evening! 

Right Voice for You: The Master Class

The Master Class is the 3 day Day Right Voice For You Intensive inviting you to step into your gifts, talents, abilities and to truly show up dynamically in front of others. Whether you are looking to have the competative edge in business, hone your craft on the stage, get your business into the world or have more ease in front of others, the Master Class will allow you to master the energetics of being with a room... and fast!

Outshine Your Shy

When you’ve labeled yourself as shy, even walking into a crowded room can be like pulling teeth. But how many of you know that your life is asking for more of you and simply don’t know “how” to get there? Being yourself with other people is possible, and in this one day class, you will gain tools to know what’s going on for you when you are around people and how to change it so that it works for you.

Sell Like Crazy

There’s a common myth out there that says that some people are great at sales and some people aren’t. But what if that’s not true? Right Voice for You is a body of tools that empowers you to create connections with anyone, know what they want, and deliver it in a way that makes them happy and increases your bottom line.

Greater Than Yesterday Screening

Greater Than Yesterday is a beautiful 30 minute inspiration film inviting you to step into the greatness of you.  You may laugh. You may cry. And you just may discover something about the greatness you have within you as well.  Join an Access Facilitator for this film screening and the dynamic conversation that may ensue after!

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