Performance Anxiety? An Intro

Using the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®, Right Voice for You facilitator Carolyn Sinclair will assist you to let go - forever - the fears and anxieties that stop you from living your life fully.

This class is for lovers – athletes – parents – students – actors – singers – musicians - speakers – politicians – sales people – business people – presenters – facilitators – artists - or anyone who has to speak or present about anything to anyone!
Banish the stuck, sweaty paralysis and replace it with excitement and "that went surprisingly well".

The class will include clearing the debilitating energies of past experiences, and all kinds of in-the-moment distractions. You will learn exercises you can use anywhere, in any situation, and, you might even have fun!

What if you could just choose to 'go for it' instead of 'I can't...'? 




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Introducing tools and techniques of Access Consciousness® and to assist you in breaking through the fear and anxiety that stop you from living your life fully!


Are you a facilitator, speaker, student, actor, singer, artist, presenter, sales person, lover, parent, teacher, athlete, politician…?  Anyone who has to speak about anything to anyone?  Are you asking for a raise?  Dreading parent-teacher interviews?  Needing to ‘market’ your business? Etc?

 This Intro class has been created by Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and Right Voice for You® Facilitator Carolyn Sinclair, whose successful career as a classical and opera singer combines with many years of facilitating Access Consciousness® classes to give you pragmatic and inspiring insights and exercises and techniques to assist you!  What if speaking/performing/presenting could actually be fun?

This Intro class will be live, in person, and online via zoom.  Cost is:  $50 CAD

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