Right Voice For You - Breakthrough Intro

Welcome to Right Voice For You: Breakthrough Intro!

Would you like to play bigger? To get your ideas into the world? To claim your voice? To be more present and vulnerable with others? To have confidence and ease on a stage, in a boardroom or even in family conversation? 

These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from writing, speaking, doing business, creating or communicating in your own voice, allowing you to have and be more of YOU!

Using the tools of Access Consciousness, participants learn how to lower their barriers, receive from their audience, step into their potency, think on their feet and generally get out of their own way.

  • Do you know that you are here to do great things?
  • Do you know that you have ideas inside you that wish to be shared?
  • Do you ever shrink in front of others?
  • Have trouble asking for what you desire?
  • Or are you simply ready to be the rock star you truly be?
  • What if we just had to peel away all the layers that don’t allow us to see the brilliant, beautiful, authentic you?

The Breakthrough Intro is Right Voice For You evening workshop is designed to introduce you to the basic tools of Right Voice For You and show you how fast and dynamic these tools can be for creating lasting change.  

Don't be fooled by it's short length. The Breakthrough Intro is one powerful evening! 

What other are saying about Right Voice For You

"How does one even begin to describe the power and potency of this class?? I had NO idea what was in store for me personally, as well as all the beautiful beings that chose to come... all we knew was that it was time to bring down the barriers to showing up and being seen and heard in a way we've never experienced before....and it was AWESOME!!!!!" Karolyn McKinley

"Since the class I feel very different. I can feel a softness, space and peace inside me which I don't remember before. I also feel in touch with a potency and a willingness to way more just "go for it" with my life and what I know is possible in the world! My body feels even more delicious and yummy - just walking down the street feels delicious, and wonder how much more yumminess I can have with dance!" Fiona Cutts

"Right Voice For You really creates the space to have people choose something new. It’s unlike any other class I've come across in Access or anywhere!" Laurie Stansberry

"Thank you again for the amazing Right Voice For You class! I think my invisibility shield is down. I had more people strike up conversations with me as I traveled home than in just about all my previous life travel combined. And I enjoyed chatting with them with ease. My husband is noticing a big change in my looks and energy. You and the class created so much space for me to choose to step into more of me that taking the leap was way more easeful than I could have imagined." Kristen T.

Thank you beautiful for Right Voice for You! Uh- as someone said yesterday- I've kind of exploded! I am having more fun, more ease with relationships, business is taking off- I created an event that is in more demand than I can meet (at the moment- creating structures to have it work for me and be a contribution) Laurie, Colorado

"Thank you so much for facilitating RVFY here. I know this was only the beginning for me and how does it get better? I am singing in my car now and really having fun applying everything I am learning on my own stage of Life. Who knew life could be so much fun!?" Eric, Colorado

Class Information


Welcome to Outshine Your Shy!

When you’ve labeled yourself as shy, even walking into a crowded room can be like pulling teeth. But how many of you know that your life is asking for more of you and simply don’t

know “how” to get there?

Do you find yourself

  • avoiding social situations like the plague
  • totally awkward in conversations
  • not conversing with the people you’d like to because you

don’t know what you’d say

  • not dating, even when you want to
  • judging yourself for everything that comes out of your


Being yourself with other people is possible, and in this one day

class, a few of the things you might get out of it could be:

  • a greater ease with conversing with people
  • how to pull energy from people so not as many words are


  • the awareness of “how” to read people
  • how to put your barriers down so that being around people

is easier

  • a knowing of what’s going on for you when you are around

people and how to change it so that it works for you

  • freedom in saying what you’d like to say
  • freedom in not saying anything at all!
  • confidence to be yourself in any situation

I wonder what you will discover and what we can create through finding YOUR voice in the world?

Class will be from 7-9pm on February 13, 2020. 

Please arrive early to register and pay. 

This class will be held at the:

Balance Arts Center

151 W 30th St

3rd Fl

New York, NY

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See you soon,

Team Julia!



You may pay for the class by cash, credit card or PayPal. 

To pre-pay please click HERE

Thank you!