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Access Consciousness has a very different point of view about so-called 'disabilities'. What if autism, OCD, ADD and ADHD are abilities? What if it is easier than you can imagine to change the symptoms of insanity, paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks with nervous breakdowns? What if life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes and more can be changed with simple processes and tools? 

Evidence is now coming forth that the labeled people of the world may have abilities and we need to explore these not judge. This is the invitation to the access X-Men body of work.

In Access, we affectionately call these people X-Men. They actually have brilliant abilities in lots of different areas that can sometimes go unnoticed, or even be hidden away for years. Is it time to discover what those capacities are? What would it be like to learn the language these people are speaking rather than get them to be more like us?

​What if the X-Men (or you!) are just the beginning of what else could be possible on the planet?

X-Men Intro Class

What if it really is possible to access what is uniquely brilliant about the X-Men …even if it looks entirely different from everyone else?

X-Men Intro Class - Telecall

What if it really is possible to access what is uniquely brilliant about the X-Men …even if it looks entirely different from everyone else?

X-Men: A Deeper Dive into Difference

This 3-Part telecall, facilitated by XIF’s, takes you into a deeper dive of the difference available with disabilities and labels on a topic of the facilitators choosing!

X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities?

Access Consciousness® has a very different point of view about so many so-called ‘disabilities’.What if all of the "disorders" that we've labeled and diagnosed are actually abilities, and the life-threatening diseases we've termed fatal, can actually be changed?

X-Men: The Beginning of a Different Possibility

This series empowers you to recognise the difference of you, so that you can also begin to acknowledge the difference the X-Men are in the world. It is from that space that you can start to speak their language rather than trying to get them to speak the language of this reality. It is designed to give you the tools to start having ease, clarity and awareness with what is really going on for those who are diagnosed or have any element of Autism, OCD, ADD or ADHD (and many other labels).

X-Men: The Undiscovered Possibility

What if many of the labels and so-called disabilities that exist, such as OCD, Autism, ADD, ADHD, are not disabilities at all?

X-Men: Creating The Real Future

The "X Men" are the "different" ones. The ones that don't fit in. Ever. The ones with talents and abilities that are often misunderstood and are labeled as "disabled" or "wrong" by most of the world. They're what the world needs right now. The future is dependent upon the X Men generation, the X Men Kids. 

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