Access X-Men: The Beginning of a Different Possibility - Introduction

What if many of the labels and so-called disabilities that exist, such as OCD, Autism, ADD, ADHD, are not disabilities at all? What if they are the beginning of a different possibility?

We affectionately refer to those, who have been given any of these labels, as the X-Men of our generation. Why? Because they have amazing talents and capacities that when acknowledged, allow them to choose and create a different reality. One that works for them. What if nothing is wrong with them (or you)? The truth is that people with disabilities perceive the world and receive information in a very different way than other people. Once we start to look at what is true for them, and what the symptoms they are displaying are really telling us, that's when we open the doors to something greater.

What if behind every single wrongness there is a strongness; a great capacity and a huge gift that you are to the world?

This series empowers you to recognise the difference of you, so that you can also begin to acknowledge the difference the X-Men are in the world. It is from that space that you can start to speak their language rather than trying to get them to speak the language of this reality. It is designed to give you the tools to start having ease, clarity and awareness with what is really going on for those who are diagnosed or have any element of Autism, OCD, ADD or ADHD (and many other labels).

Welcome to the beginning of a different possibility.

Welcome to Access X-Men the Beginning of a Different Possibility!

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Class starts 9am for registration  to 5pm

What can we create with the tools in these classes?

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