Access X-Men Intro Class

What if labels of disability like OCD, ADD and Autism are not wrong but a possibility for a different way of being in the world?

What capacities and abilities do kids and adults that have been labelled (as well as those who have not!) have and how do we empower them in life?

This class invites you to look from a different perspective so you can go beyond the judgements of disabilities and allow new doors to open as a result.

What if it really is possible to access what is uniquely brilliant about the Access X-Men …even if it looks entirely different from everyone else?

Free to those attending Choice of Possibilities with Brendon Watt , or $75 for outsider.

Please note that there is no audio live for this class, so you are welcome to sign up and then receive the audio recording after class if you cannot make it live to the Ritz in Fort Lauderdale!