A Taste of Access

What the bleep is Access Consciousness? 

Well, that is what these short classes are all about. It can be a taste of any area of Access Consciousness... relationship, bodies, money, the future and maybe even the meaning of life!

Your facilitator or practitioner will go through some of the basic tools, techniques and processes allowing you to have a greater awareness of what is possible for you.

This is a great time to ask any questions you desire. What would it take to create more freedom for yourself? Find out what Access Consciousness is about and come and play. What else is possible?

Hello and Welcome!

You can join us for a night of talking about a Taste of Access. Whether you have never heard of Access until now or have used the tools for 10 years, you are all welcome to join!

Are you familiar with the clearing statement? We will be using it during the class. Go here to learn more: http://theclearingstatement.com

If you have questions, please call/text Reid at 719-671-4727 or Lynn at 828-641-8197.

All of life comes to us with ease, joy & glory!