Online Access Bars® Instruction

Online Access Bars® Instruction is not an official Access Bars class.

This class is designed to allow people to learn The Bars process remotely during COVID-19 so they may attend the Foundation class. Learn more about Access Bars.

  • In this class you will learn to run the Access Bars process and can offer sessions to friends and family; you cannot charge money for sessions or call yourself a Bars Practitioner.
  • You must have someone with you, in person, attending the same online class for you to trade the Access Bars process together.
  • This class satisfies the prerequisite for taking the Foundation class and other classes that have Bars as a prerequisite.
  • The Online Access Bars® Instruction class does not count towards obtaining a Bars Facilitator (BF) license and does not provide certification as a Bars Practitioner (BP).
  • Taking this class does not grant you repeat pricing for the official Access Bars class nor the Global Access Bars class.


Access Bars® is a hands-on process and best received by attending an in person class with a Bars Facilitator or by attending a Global Access Bars Class (facilitated by Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Simone Milasas or Brendon Watt) either with another paying participant or in a group POP.

Long-distance Access Bars sessions do not work, as it is a hands-on process that only works with the energy created by touching. It simply does NOT work long distance!




Only Global Pricing and Age Pricing applies. There is No Repeat Pricing for this class, nor will it give you repeat pricing on a LIVE Access Bars class or the Global Access Bars Class. 
Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering.

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Access Bars Participants



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