Start Now To Create Your Future

Start Now To Create Your Future


Are you a bit impatient? Do you desire the change you are asking for to occur instantaneously — or preferably, yesterday or even the day before that?

And yet, do you sometime find yourself in “wait-mode”? Especially right now?

All over the globe, people seem to be waiting for the Corona craziness to be over to create the future. What if you started to create now? Not from the past, but the future that is possible?

If you didn’t have to wait for anyone or anything else to start creating your future, what could you ask of you and what could you create?

This special one day class with Dain Heer is about changing gears. It is about the future that is possible now that has never been possible before. And it is about you, claiming your capacity to create that future, starting... now.

Are you ready to stop the wait and start to create? Then consider joining us on August 23!


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