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There are hundreds of Certified Facilitators around the world, each with a different background and expertise. Many of them combine what they know and love with the tools of Access Consciousness, and bam... a certified specailty class is born! 

Check out the Optional Specialty section to find classes on parenting, animals, money, bodies, business, technology or a hundred other topics.

You'll be amazed what you can apply these pragmatic tools to. 

Oh yeah, almost everything!

The No Judgment Diet

When you realize that judgments are not real and they do not contribute to consciousness at all, then you can be, do, and have anything and everything you desire. These classes are designed to get you to recognize the gift your body is in creating your life and living. When you open up to the gift and brilliance of your body, anything is possible.

ESSE - Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) is a unique body work that combines Access Consciousness™ with hands on manipulation techniques targeting the connective fascial tissue and energetic systems located throughout every inch of the body. ESSE deconstructs the glue of judgement that has formed in the body.

Pragmatic Psychology

What if your craziness and everything this world calls insane, is a gift to the world not yet discovered? Would you be willing to get over the necessity to fit in, to be normal, average and the same and explore the true brilliance of you? The greatest brilliance is you being you! You are what the world requires!

Right Recovery For You

Developed by Marilyn Bradford and utilizing information and process for change from Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas, Right Recovery For You offers a totally different possibility for ending your addiction for good, or getting it to something that works for you.

Talk to the Animals

The classes offered here are facilitated by Access Consciousness trained Talk to the Animals Facilitators. They use the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness to create greater awareness around animals and people.

Talk To The Entities

Do you desire to become more aware and present with energies and communications from those on the other side?  Join Shannon O'Hara or a Certified TTTE Facilitator in a series of classes where you will learn how to develop your own psychic awareness and change the way you see the spirit world.

All Other Special Topic Classes

Check out the Specialty section to find classes on parenting, animals, money, bodies, business, technology or a hundred other topics. If a Certified Facilitator can dream it, they just may create it!

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