ESSE for BODIES - Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment


Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) is a unique body work that combines Access Consciousness™ with hands on manipulation techniques targeting the connective fascial tissue located throughout every inch of the body.

ESSE is designed to create changes in the structure and form of the body resulting in an ease with movement, function and the energetic body systems. Scientific research illustrates that the fascial system responds to a question. The tools of Access Consciousness™ invite you to be in the question in all aspects of your life and your body.

All the connective fascial tissue of the body from the cellular level to the major body systems can be affected by this hands-on and energetic method of manual therapy. In this workshop you will be learning manual manipulative techniques and hands on energetic Access Consciousness™ body processes.

The most interesting aspect of the fascial system is that it is not just a system of separate coverings but is actually one continuous structure that exists throughout the whole body without interruption. In this way you can perceive how each part of the entire body is inter-connected through the fascia.

ESSE body work facilitates the unwinding of the dynamic changeable fascia throughout the body from the cellular level to the major body systems. ESSE can be perceived as a deep tissue work as well as energy work, combined with movement unwinding of the body from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

In this 2 to 3 day workshop you will learn hands on techniques, Access body processes and clearings and receive amazing work for you and your body. You will discover what you know about bodies, discover you own healing capabilities and leave with more awareness of bodies and how they can change and how that change can contribute to your life. You will learn pragmatic ways to listen to bodies and how to use this information when working with bodies.  You will increase your ability of how to be a question with bodies, how to perceive the changes that are possible and how to contribute to these changes

Awaken the capacity to listen to a body’s subtle and substantial whispers

State of the art manual manipulative techniques

Capacity to create dynamic change with bodies

Verbal Clearings and questions with the tools of Access Consciousness™

Pragmatic ability perceive the body and be in the question