What are the Energetics of Awareness?

The dictionary meaning: Energetics is the study of energy under transformation.

What have you defined as your energy? 

What have you defined as your awareness? 

What Energetics are you without conclusion & definition? 

Where is it that you lock your self up, conclude or judge something that is an energy?  

Where is it you give “this energy” a from or structure before even a thought enters your head? 

What whisper fine awareness do you have of energies? 

What if there is a different way of being with YOU and these transformative energies? 

What if this is the energetic gift of you, to BE with these energies and allow the energetic contribution and transformation without… judging you… without concluding what it should, can, or ought to be? 

These classes are being presence with ALL that you be… 

Are you ready to dive into the energetics of your awareness?   

Jeni Be is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, an X-Men Facilitator, Psychotherapist, and she facilitates these classes by verbal facilitation and energetic exercises.