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Have you ever made, in some particular conditions, that experience of being in a state of presence, peace and awareness, that disappears as this reality takes it over?

You know when everything becomes clear, spacious and calm, when you have more presence than your body could afford, when you sense being connected with everything and everyone, no more judged, no more alone...?

What if there were no more bridge to cross, nor necessary condition for your ease to display its change and everything that you are capable to create?

Beyond Meditation is a class that will bring you beyond the conditions and limitations of any meditation technique, to give you access to unconditional and unlimited awareness, peace and presence.

Using Access Consciousness® tools, this class has been created either for those who are interested in what meditation or any other similar techniques are supposed to gift you with, or for those who have been practicing meditation of any kind and would like to have more ease in bringing and keeping the results of it into their everyday life. 

What Question, Expansion and Communion can you and your body be that would allow, acknowledge and create the reality that you have always knew possible for you?

Starting from the possibilities created by the Question, we will free that mind that has so much ordered our capacities to choose greater perspectives. Then we will Expand our presence through allowing our beings to reach and fulfill the space they truly be, with and beyond our physical bodies.
Eventually we will connect with such an expanse of possibilities, as the Communion of ease, joy and glory where we create as much as we receive.

You will…

  • Receive a set of tools to help you to create a daily reality endowed right away with the results you thought you had to attain and achieve someday.... Know how to remain in an open, creative and pleasurable state of being in every situation.
  • Experience a sense of communion, connecting with your own body, with the world and anyone you wish to contact with, in total ease, joy and glory!
  • Rise into expansive energies of Access®’s Symphony Of Possibilities that will allow you and your body to receive way more than you can imagine and create infinite possibilities for your life.


  • Go beyond the control of mind. Establish a true connection within you and your body
  • Create through the communion of your being and this universe
  • Maintain presence, peace and awareness (or the results of meditation) unconditionallyWhat expansive awareness and infinite presence are you that you could be choosing?

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