Beyond Relational Order

Welcome to Beyond Relational Order!

Creating other Possibilities in Interaction with Others & Stepping into the Haute Couture of Communication

What Empowerment are you willing to be?

What creative relationship do you have with you, regarding the allowance of your perceptions, that would acknowledge and empower both you and the others, like if by magic?

Our reality is all structured with interactions with others. Question : have we ever learned how to communicate? The answer is no. So... What else is possible?®

This class is an energetic, physical and verbal approach to create a true relational symphony of possibilities… You will clear what maintains relations in the limitations of This reality, to create the ground for other possibilities in Your reality.

You will allow you to acknowledge and to start displaying your extraordinary capacities to:

  • Go around judgment and the wrongness of you
  • Get back to Your reality through acknowledging the other’s one
  • Develop the 5 elements of true Intimacy with you and others
  • Creating ease and possibilities where it seemed to be just conflict
  • Allow the infinite possibilities of energetic communion
  • Actualizing the manifestations of “all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory”

What if instead of making you wrong with some displeasing information you may perceive, you could rather step into creating ease and change unconditionally? 

The main Access tools-points we proceed from and develop in this class are:

  • The steps of creating magic, adapted to interpersonal communication (asking, getting the energy, clearing & acting, acknowledging and being grateful)
  • “What is it?” etc.
  • “Who does it belong to”?
  • The 5 elements of intimacy

What if everything you perceive would endow your relations with others as well? What could you choose and change if you had the power to make every perception a creative symphony? 

If our point of view creates our reality, isn’t the time now to give it all its assets, choose everything it generates and finally receive and create all of our interactions with ease, joy and glory?

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