Exponentializing Your Capacities with Energies

Welcome to Exponentializing Your Capacities with Energies!

Would you be willing to know that you have capacities with energies which are as unique as you are?

Embarking on the expansion of your unique capacities with energies will give you the power to break through the walls, barriers or blind spots that are limiting you with all things in your life that are not changing - such as money, sex, business, relationships, food, body- virtually every area of your life.

With energy as your primary language, you can be present with and have an awareness of everything and every energy around you. You are also able to address anything with whatever energy is required to change the situation or create whatever you desire to create while learning how to use energy to your advantage.

Join Glenyce Hughes in this class where she will assist you in exponentializing your energetic capacities and awarenesses, tapping into your potency with the presence of all energies to create beyond what you never imagined possible and empowering you to know that you can create anything #asifbymagic!

You will:

  • Discover possibilities with energies you never knew you had or could exist!
  • Be invited to reconnect with your source of power and potency - YOU!
  • Learn how to become aware of, and aggressively present, with all energies.

Is now the time to start to speak, be, know and receive energy?

Is now the time to start being fully energetically alive?

**Using tools and processes from Access Consciousness® Glenyce will invite you to clear limitations so you can tap into your own awareness, potencies and capacities with energies increasing your confidence and trust in YOU!