How to Become Money Workbook

Welcome to the How to Become Money Workbook Class!

There are a lot of people who are trying desperately to change their money situation. This class is about how to BE Money!!

Every point of view that you have created about money creates the limitations and parameters from which you receive money.

Are you ready to be brutally honest with yourself about what your points of view of money are?

You are the only one you are fooling if you are not willing to be honest with yourself!
Is money fun and light for you?

10 weeks. 10 calls. Deep Dive with Money.


FREE FIRST CALL TO EVERYONE with on-time registration.

To register for the free call on 18th of March, simply register for the class. You will receive a confirmation email and your zoom link. You will also receive payment link so that you will have the possibility to continue this journey to Become Money for a full 10 weeks if you choose so.  

To register for 10 classes - simply follow payment link.


The tools of access consciousness allow you to change your relationship with money. What if money could contribute to you? Are you open to possibilities with money?

10 weeks . 10 calls.10 Mondays. 90 mins each call.

We will cover all the book and you'll get recordings.

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory.