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Welcome to Salon Des Femmes Book Club!

Originally a telecall, Salon Des Femmes is a #1 International Best Seller by Gary M. Douglas.

This is an invitation to join an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and discover this book and how you can be a woman in this reality without having fight for everything. Discussions wind through relationships, sex, men, gender roles and creating harmonious relationships.

Join us for an exploration through the ground-breaking chapters of Salon Des Femmes.

Please note:
Completing a Book Club is not a substitute for fulfilling the pre-requisites for becoming a Certified Facilitator. It is however a wonderful way to explore the book and complete the required reading.


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Салона Des Femmes с доктором Еленой Гитлевичем

Обсуждения будут проходить через отношения, секс, мужчин, и создание гармоничных отношений.