Sex and Lust with Lisa!

Have you decided that sex & lust are two weird and bad words?

Have you separated from the joy that your body can be while being with…… other bodies?
Where is it that you refuse you? Make you smaller? Compare yourself and judge you as less?

Beyond the judgments, conclusions and reference points there is so much more: There is the JOY of being. The CARING that you can have for you and for the people around you. The EASE of carrying your body in the world. The KNOWING that you are a gift. (Yes – YOU!)
Would you like to have more of it all? And most importantly: do you desire to CHANGE your situation and don't know where to start?
If yes, then you’re invited!




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"Sex & Lust with Lisa" - 2-part online class

Lisa will inspire with her own experiences on sex and lust, how to achieve the joy of embodiment, and what it takes to experience the magic of what else is possible with sex that is caring, curious, and fun.
“If we can acknowledge the gift our bodies are to the world and wake up our bodies and everything we know about how to be with bodies, how to touch bodies, and how to care for each other, it changes everything--including our sex lives” - Lisa

Welcome to this online adventure and beyond!